Getting started: Do I have to be a computer expert to gamble online?

No, really all it takes is the ability to turn on your computer, connect to the Internet, and find the website you intend to play on. Then the directions will more or less take you from there. Online casinos know that their customers are not all tech-savvy, so they design things to be as simple as possible.

Getting started: How do I open an account?

Setting up a casino online account is simple. Visit any of our recommended gambling sites and click on the sign up button. You'll be prompted to provide your e-mail address, choose a password, and enter some brief personal information including your name, address, and date of birth. Although your account gives you the power to play hundreds of games for free, you'll need to make a deposit if you plan on paying for real pounds.

Getting started: How do I withdraw my winnings?

You can withdraw your winnings by visiting the cashier, choosing your cash out method, and the amount you wish to receive. After submitting your request, an agent will approve your request and you'll receive your winnings. Keep in mind that the withdrawal options available may depend on the deposit method you used to fund your account.

Getting started: Are casino online bonuses worth it?

Casino bonuses are definitely worth claiming. When you take advantage of a deposit bonus, you'll not only have more real cash to play with, but you'll be able to stay in the game longer. That means more chances to have a hot streak or even hit the jackpot. Even though bonuses have wagering requirements that you'll need to fulfil before you can withdraw your free cash, they are reasonable and easy to satisfy.

Banking: Do any laws impact depositing/withdrawing at online casinos?

As the customer, you are not subject to any laws that would make it illegal or unsafe to create an account at an online casino. In the UK, online gambling is licensed and regulated, therefore, you are not breaking any laws by playing. Once you've created an account, you are free to deposit & withdraw funds as you see fit and can play to your heart's content without fear of any repercussions.

Banking: What casinos have the best payouts?

You can visit our payouts page to find our top rated casinos with the highest rates of return. Many of our recommended casino online sites have payouts of 97% or more, vastly superior to anything you'll find when playing offline.

Games: What kind of games should I expect to find?

UK gamblers should expect to find a similar range of games online to what they would encounter in a land based casino, albeit with a far wider range of game variants and stake options. Although the full list of games will vary slightly from site to site, all of the UK-licensed online casinos listed here offer poker games, card-based casino games like casino war and Caribbean stud poker, roulette games, slot machines, and video poker titles. Additionally, you'll also find endless options for placing wagers on a variety of sports, so you definitely won't get bored by a lack of betting opportunities.

Games: Is there an option to play free games or does one have to deposit money to play?

Most casinos offer players the opportunity to play certain games for free. Obviously any winnings a player makes while playing these machines are not claimable. However, these machines will give a player the opportunity to practice and get a sense of how the game works without having to put down any money. New comers should always spend time practicing on free games before registering.

Games: What is the best way to learn how to play online casino games?

If you have any questions regarding any of the main online casino games, you’ve come to the right place. The Onlinecasinoreporter.com site is filled with comprehensive guides which will help a beginner get the grasp of anything from roulette to craps in no time. Players will also find a concise and easy to follow explanation of each game; the rules of the game as well as some useful information on game strategy.

Games: What games offer the best payouts?

Blackjack, video poker, baccarat, and craps have the best payouts. The only catch is that you'll need to learn the rules and play properly to minimize the house edge. Of course, you can take advantage of our game guides, which will show you how to master the games.

Games: Which casinos have the best odds?

With the exception of slot machines, keno, and arcade style games, casino game odds are fairly standard from site to site. Of course, you can find special house rules on games like blackjack and roulette that improve your overall odds. Just visit our individual game guides to discover great casinos with the top odds.

Games: What makes live dealer games so special?

More and more online casinos have started offering live dealer games. These give players an experience unlike anything else that could be found online. With live dealer games players get to participate in their favourite game broadcast live via webcam. These games are one of the latest innovations to hit online casinos and they give players the opportunity to experience all the thrills of a casino live from the comfort of their own home. Most casinos offer live dealer games for roulette, blackjack, baccarat and in some casinos even for sic bo.

Games: Which online casino games are the most popular?

In most online casinos the slots are by far the most popular games. This is largely because of the huge variety and the many exciting chances to win incredible jackpots. In some online casinos, it’s estimated that as many as 70% of players play slot machines. Other popular online casino games include roulette and blackjack.

Games: Is it possible to predict the outcome of an online casino game?

Most online casino games are random and have unpredictable outcomes. Games like slots rely on Random Number Generators to ensure that the combination of numbers that appears each time is unique. It’s basically impossible to spot patterns in online casino games but that doesn’t stop some players. The random and unpredictable nature of online casino games means that players can rest assured that the games are fair.

General: What is an online casino bonus?

Bonuses are only offered at online casinos. They are promotions designed to attract players and once they’ve deposited money to keep them playing. Online casino bonuses serve to both attract new players and retain players who have already signed up but perhaps haven’t deposited in a while. It’s very easy to get caught out by bonuses. Many times they simply seem too good to be true. If that’s the case, be sure to read the small print on the casino’s website as in all likelihood the bonus simply is too good to be true.

General: Are online casinos legal?

One of the most commonly asked questions about online casinos is also the most difficult one to answer. Since online casinos are located in cyberspace and are not bound to a specific location it’s trickier to control who can play legally. While there are some countries which have declared online gambling illegal that hasn’t stopped online gamblers completely. In the US, for example, online casinos are illegal and yet there are American gamblers who are able to find loopholes and manage to gamble online. Despite it being illegal, no one in the US has been persecuted for online gambling. The logistics of operating an online casino can become quite complicated. Even though some US-based gamblers may find online casinos that will allow them to gamble, no such loopholes exist for operating casinos. There are no online casinos based in and operated out of the US. Unlike in the US, in most European Union countries online gambling is legal. It is for this reason that many legal online casinos are licensed in Eu countries like Malta, Gibraltar and Isle of Man. Furthermore, many online casinos are also listed on European stock exchanges.

General: At what age can one start gambling online?

Most casinos offer a host of free games. These can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age. Often if one is playing free games one doesn’t need to join the casino. In order to play for money, however, a player needs to join and therefore needs to be at least 18 years old.

General: How does one find the best online casino?

There really is no best or worst online casino. There are tons of different online casinos out there. The trick is to find one that suits one’s needs. It’s important that understand what one is looking to get out of the online gambling experience. That will make choosing an online casino a far simpler task. A good way to start is by reading our comprehensive online casino reviews. This will help a player quickly differentiate among the many online casinos out there.

General: Do players have better odds at online casinos than land-based casinos?

Generally, players will find that with some games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat a player has the same chances of winning at an online casino as they do at a land-based casino. However with games like slots and video poker, the odds are stacked against players at land-based casinos. Most slots and video poker offered at land-based casinos have a payout of 90% – 92%. Slots and video poker in online casinos, however, generally have a payout of over 97%. The differences in payout are to be expected when one considers the expenses involved in the upkeep and maintenance of a land-based casino. Not only do land-based casinos have to pay employees but there other operational costs such as rent. These costs are astronomical when compared to what an online casino would have to pay.

General: Can one gamble without understanding a game’s rules and strategies?

It’s highly recommended that a player has a good understanding of the inner working of a game before putting any money down. However, in the case of games like slots there isn’t too much a player needs to know. Other games such as blackjack require a more strategic understanding. Players should therefore avoid these games until they’ve mastered the game. We’ve compiled some comprehensive guides to all the main casino games. So be sure to check those out. Also, it’s always a good idea to stick with free games until you’ve mastered the game completely.

General: How Do Casinos Make Money?

An online casino is pretty much the same as any other business; it cannot exist without making money. The house will always have the edge but the payout rates are regulated. You might be interested to know that the payout rates for online casinos are higher than those of a real Casino because their overheads are lower. Typical payout rates are above 95% for some slot games and maybe closer to 100% for Poker. The casinos make their money from the bets and wagers, not the deposited money. The odds of winning are based on mathematical probability so the house always has the edge. That edge varies from game to game. It is always 100% less the payout rate.

General: Do Casino Systems Work?

By systems, we mean methods of increasing the winning rate of a player. Many players have tried to defeat casinos, some systems being famous because they appeared to work at the time. The truth is that the house will always have the advantage in the long term. Using an online casino is completely random due to the certified software so over time you will lose, even if you have a lucky streak.

Software: Do I Have to Download the Casino Software?

In the early days of internet use it was common that you would need to download software to you PC. That was because early internet speeds were slow by today’s standards. Some online casinos do still offer a download version. However, these days most people play using a PC browser or a mobile phone and tablet App. Online casino play can be Windows or Mac software, or Apple and Android Apps for mobile devices.

Software: What if one loses internet connectivity during a game?

It is not uncommon for a player to lose internet connectivity during a game. It is for that reason that most online casino software is designed to stop a game when a player’s computer crashes or the player loses internet connectivity. The same game session will automatically run once the player manages to login in again.

Software: What are the different types of online casino software?

Online casino software can either be no-download/ Flash software or it can be downloaded online casino software. The flash software is seen to be hassle free as a player can automatically start playing after opening an account. While downloaded software requires a player to download and install the online casino software before playing it is often of a better quality than the flash software and offers more games with superior animations and sound effects.

Security: How does one know if an online casino is safe?

A good indication that a casino is reputable and can be trusted is if it undergoes external auditing by third part organizations; has received quality assurance approval and that it is regulated. All the online casinos featured on Onlinecasinoreporter.com are reputable and regulated by government bodies in Gibraltar, Malta and Isle of Man. They are also regularly audited by external organizations to ensure fairness and security. If you’re not sure about an online casino, be sure to look for any indication that it is regulated. This will generally be displayed prominently in the casino lobby.

Security: Who Licenses and Regulates Casino Games?

The Licensing Authority will regulate the online casino on a regular basis. Most online casinos are licenced in places like Malta, Gibraltar, or in the Caribbean. Do not be put off by that, those Authorities were set up with very stringent requirements and procedures. Most online casinos will also have an independent audit from time to time to ensure that the operating software and RNG is operating fairly. Beyond the Licensing there is an independent and respected organisation known as eCogra. They audit casinos to make sure they are safe, secure and fair. The reputable online casinos are proud to display the eCogra seal of approval on their website. It is a highly respected accreditation within the industry.

Security: Are My Personal Details and Credit Card Number Secure?

If you are playing at a reputable online casino with an SSL Certificate you details will always be secure. An online casino will not be licenced unless it has safe payment methods. Most casinos have many different type of payment methods using ewallets such as Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, echeck, euteller and many others. In addition they will probably accept most debit and credit cards.